Christian Skjødt, Works of Uncommitted Crimes, LP cover



Composed and recorded live by Christian Skjødt at Tonometer Studio, January 2014
Instrumentarium: handmade electro-acoustic devices, autoharp, springs, ebow, b&o oscillator and empty samplers

A1 Works of Uncommitted Crimes - Part I [13”44’]
B1 Works of Uncommitted Crimes - Part II [17”52’]

Special thanks: Lars Lundehave Hansen, Mads Weitling & Edit Emese Vizer
Layout assistance: Søren Skjødt
Artwork and photos: Christian Skjødt
Mastering and cut: Rashad Becker / D&M Berlin

clear vinyl LP
300 numbered copies
label: Tonometer
release: November 2014 TONOM141


Review from VITAL WEEKLY 959
"Skjødt is someone who wheels the drone machine, and as such he’s not the only one in the world of course, but I must admit he does some very impressive work. Both of these pieces are heavy slabs of drone music; Part One is all out loud, and half way through adds weight to the pieces by adding more and heavy bass sounds, while the second part starts out softer and slowly starts building up. At one point in that piece there seems to be an angelic choir humming from above and beyond – but then, maybe I was hallucinating. Then, still in this hazy state of listening, I was thinking about machines humming in a parking lot late one evening. Skjødt moves all over the place to create his vast sonic soundscapes and he does that very well. There is a lot of drone music out there, there is a lot of great drone music out there (and you know I am sucker for drone music), and while Skjødt is perhaps not the most ‘new’ sounding artist in the field of drone music, he delivered one hell of a great record. Play loud, is my suggestion for this and you’ll be blown away by the rich sonic detail of it all." (FdW)

The Sound Projector, March 2015
"Beautiful ... Most impressive!" (Ed Pinsent)

Excerpt from 'Part I'

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