YEAR: 2019
MATERIALS: Radio telescope, SDR receiver, crossover filters, amplifiers, custom loudspeakers
MEASURES: site specific
EXHIBITION HISTORY: Struer Tracks 2019. Struer, Denmark

The Receiver explores electromagnetic radiation emitted from the Sun, by transforming this naturally occurring energy into audible material; filling up the otherwise empty building with sound.

Functioning as a live observatory, The Receiver is a new site-specific sound installation situated in an abandoned silo at the harbour front of Struer.

The installed radio telescope (Ø:3m) consists of a specialised antenna and receiver, operating in the microwave region of the radio frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The telescope follows the Sun, as Earth rotates around it, and receives electromagnetic radiation that has traveled the 150 million km from the Sun to planet Earth. This energy is the source material of the immersive sonic environment created in the silo.

Herein the frequency spectrum of the sound can be experienced when travelling upwards in the 45 meter tall building, moving from low to high frequency, as crossover filters split up the sounds, covering and slightly exceeding the lower and upper limit of the hearing capacities of humans. Ranging from infra- to ultrasound, the material is conveyed by custom made loudspeakers optimised for the specific frequency range.

The Receiver aims to challenge our sensory perception as human beings. The installation can be seen as a manifestation and a witness of what we as a species are unable to perceive, and of the boundaries between our sensory apparatus and the materiality of the world.


The Receiver is conceptualised by Christian Skjødt Hasselstrøm and realised in collaboration with engineers, acousticians and other specialists at Bang & Olufsen. The project is commissioned by Struer Tracks with support from Danish Arts Foundation and KODA Culture.

Installation walk-through (audio)

























































Photos: Lise Johansson