Christian Skjødt, Internal Propellants


YEAR: 2015
DURATION: 36"00'
FORMAT: 4-channel loudspeaker setup
PREMIERE: August 18.2015. National Library of Latvia, Riga.

The sound piece Dissolution & Suspension is a reinterpretation of Carl Nielsen’s string quartet in F-minor (opus 5) from 1892. Where we usually perceive a string quartet as one unity, this work is based on a separation and spacious demonstration which translates as a 4-channel loudspeaker setup, so we hereby find ourselves in the middle of the quartet. Advanced audio analysis of recordings of the original string quartet underlying the creation of this new work, where Nielsen's melodic folklike tone is converted into dense (dis)harmonies and almost frozen processes and developments.
The work, which unfolds in four movements, is commissioned by the Danish Cultural Institute in connection with the selection of Carl Nielsen's 150th birthday. It was first performed at the National Library in Riga, Latvia in connection with Danish Cultural Institute's 25th anniversary August 2015.

Thanks: Simon Drewsen Holmberg/The Danish Cultural Institute, National Library of Denmark, Mira Kvartetten, Lars Lundehave Hansen.

Commissioned by The Danish Cultural Institute with support from the Danish Arts Foundation.
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Excerpt from the premiere performance at the National Library of Latvia, Riga, August 18.2015 [stereo mix]